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All texts were translated from Polish by Wiktor Bartol,

Delta no. 1

  Some important questions about us and the world
  Do dragons exist?, by Grzegorz Białkowski
  Tetrahedrons and spheres, by Jerzy Bednarczuk
  Exploring the Mars, by Marek Demiański
  Refuting the laws of physics, by Jan Gaj
  Cosmic harmony and Titius and Bode's law, by Tomasz Kwast
  A forest laboratory, by Mme Pipsztycka
  On powers of 2, by Pawel Strzelecki
  How does a garden hose swell up, by Andrzej Szymacha
  How to compute it?
  Our readers propose

Delta no. 2

  An elementary problem
  Refuting the laws of physics (II), by Jan Gaj
  Home laboratory, by Janusz Gasiński
  Desktop heavenly discoveries, by Jozef Smak
  Two opinions on the infinity, by Jan Kalinowski and Pawel Strzelecki
  The Scottish Book, by Marek Kordos
  Our readers propose

Delta no. 3

  Calculus, Dedekind, and Cantor (A three-act play with prologue and epilogue)
  On astronomical distances
  Better than Archimedes
  When two conservation laws come into conflict
  Cans in boxes
  Devil's arithmetic, or a contribution to angelology
  Glass tears
  A huge magic square
  Points and slats
  The equation of the watch

Delta no. 4

  Introduction: On what is not
  The blackbody
  The warmth
  Does elementary charge exist?
  The canals on Mars
  Coronium and nebulum
  The greatest prime number
  The planet Vulcan
  The material point
  Trapped satelites
  The celestial sphere
  Formulas for the roots of polynomials of 5th degree
  A rootless polynomial
  On some sets which are not
  Why is there no decent multiplication in 3-D space?
  The aether
  Monkey's saddle
  Faster than light?

Delta no. 5

  Pál Erdös (1913 - 1996)
  Force of a set
  A short history of the proof of an interesting
  Common Solution Sets of Real Polynomials
  More on the European Union Contest for Young Scientists
  Think and solve!

Delta no. 6

  Euler's characteristic, or combing one's hair
  Map colouring
  Euler's characteristic can be an equation
  Rigid polygons, movable polygons and other polygons
  On the possible forms of our space
  Think and solve!
  The little delta

Delta no. 7

  About making coffee
  How to check a processor
  Shapes from shading
  How to determine the distance from the Sun at the dead of night
  Upwards-flowing water
  DNA computing
  Think and solve!
  On the semantics of programming languages
  Taking decisions

Delta no. 8

  The end of the world by Tomasz Chlebowski
  Are real numbers real? by Roman Sikorski
  Three solutions for 101 numbers by Aleksander Pełczyński

Delta no. 9

  An adventure in phisics by Marian Danysz
  Time reversed by Michał Gawlikowski

Delta no. 10

  The Sun Eclipse